Penis Pikachu.



i feel so bad and then the end



Oh my god. 


I swear the devil came out from inside her😂😂 by Just Jonah



Notification trolling.



i may have peed myself a little watching this

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i love how i went from “lol xDDDD ill type how i liek xD rawr” to “Text talk is stupid. I’m never going to typo ever again in my whole life~” to “r u fuckin srs rn i dont have time 4 this shit”


You hear all these “you’re not a real fan unless” and it lists a hundred things, but I met a dude today who saw my Deadpool pin and asked what my favorite story arc was, and I explained that while I loved Deadpool, I was new to Marvel (I only really got into it a year and a half ago) and hadn’t been able to find a lot of the comics. Instead of making a face or a derogatory comment, he just offered to send me all the stuff he had. That is a true fan.


taking selfies of your face with the flash on is the #1 way to destroy confidence

`These are evil tidings,’ said Celeborn, `the most evil that have been spoken here in long years full of grievous deeds.’ He turned to Haldir. `Why has nothing of this been told to me before? ’ he asked in the Elven-tongue.


Directions [x]


I need feminism because females students made up the majority of my 12th grade high school classes: math = 82%, chemistry = 77%, physics 80%, english = 82%. But we’re not even close to being equally represented in what we’re learning in school.

The # of pieces of literature we read with a female lead character: 1

The # of female authors we read: 2

The # of women in history we learned about in-depth (in the entire course): 1 (Margaret Thatcher)

# of women we learned about in the sciences and math: the textbooks made some attempt to occasionally mention females in sciences. HOWEVER, they were always placed to the side of the page, out of the main text. 

FEMALES made up the majority  of my classes. 

So why can’t we be equally represented in our own education? WE DESERVE BETTER! <3 

I went to a small school in a rural area in Canada,  so I know that my class stats may be different from others in city schools. However, this is still a problem in our education system! 


Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” video just broke the Vevo record with 19.6 million views in 24 hours. The record was previously held by Miley Cyrus. Shout outs to Nicki reclaiming Black women’s sexuality while defeating very white woman who tried to accessorize it.





Glass headstones

Imagine a graveyard full of these on a sunny day. It would be so beautiful.

I would position mine so that every day when the sun was in the right position it would set fire to the roof of someone I hated, thus achieving revenge from beyond the grave every single day.

There are two kinds of people




“Let’s hide from our dialogue in this elevator.”

4 Ways the 50 Shades of Grey Film Is Worse Than You Expect

#4. The Writing Is Terrible (Both the Script and the Source Novel)

You’d think most actors would be familiar with the amount of risque belly slapping in the book, but there’s no shortage of people reading the script and bursting into fits of shocked laughter. There’s a rumor that Charlie Hunnam, who was originally cast in the lead role, dropped out because he didn’t like the script, and he starred in last year’s Pacific Rim, which contained a character named Stacker Pentecost and a man with golden shoes. Actress Chloe Bridges, star of the Sex and the City spinoff The Carrie Diaries, read the three pages she was given for her audition and immediately said, “I really can’t do this.”

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Read this. Just…read it.

When Cracked nails something, they use a damn big hammer.

Wha-BAM. On point all the way.

(Except for the part about PacRim. Not even in the same weight class.)

Pacific Rim is good but weird. Fifty Shades is both bad and banal.